May 16, 2018

Behind the Scenes...


The people that know us, know that ours minds don’t stop and our creative side take us in a constant search for new ideas and challenges. We are always ready for new adventures. We always putt ourselves under pressure with new projects without already finishing other ones (crazy people alert!!!). All of this mindsearch for creativity makes us having lots of ideas saved waiting for the right moment to pop out, and the truth is that styled shoots are a great way of putting outside some cool ideias. The Sky Bar shoot that happened on the last month and it is a great example of that!

So, a shoot is an excellent mental exercise for us as creative people, and at the same time is a great way of create content we love for our portfolio which reflects the result of something that suits perfectly with us as Muza Weddings. We are very picky with our work and we have as a huge goal that is having our weddings recognized as ‘MUZA kind of weddings’ - A kinda of modern, elegant, fun and fresh weddings! For achieving that we feel that we we have to take a maximum care and control on what we publish on the social media, because we want brides and grooms who feel that our work, style and communication really suits with them style. And nothing make us more happier that having couples that choose us because they love our work!

Regarding this shoot in a particular way, we had the wish of making something cosmopolitan on our beloved city, Lisbon, and when we received the request from Tivoli Avenida, we didn’t thought twice! We are huge fans of the rooftops, and Sky Bar is one of the most modern and trendy rooftops of Lisbon. Its potential for a wedding on a Summer evening/night is great! Besides all of the obvious reasons, a styled shoot is always a great opportunity of strengthen ties with our lovely vendors as well as get to know another ones and work with them for the first time, allowing them to take risks in comparison of what they can do on real weddings, because in a shoot all the moments have a different control and flexibility. In addition to this it’s a really good way of creating details that can turn out trends on weddings (at least we like to think like that!).

The result was a ‘fine art’ shoot with that irreverent touch we believe that it’s already a mark of our work. Naturally the merit goes to all our wonderful team: The Framers (photography), Fullcut (video), Migalha Doce (cake design), Cati Beauty (makeup & hair), Greenpic’k (flower design), MadBridal (dress), Joana Mota Capitão (jewelry), Cerâmicas na Linha (ceramics) and our lovely models Yana & Eugeniu. We believe that work alongside with the best professionals will always result in excellent work!

Photos and video will be revealed pretty soon. For now we show you the behind the scenes that The Framers kindly captured (they are a really nice cool couple!). We hope you guys are curious about the final result! It will be launched on our website on the next days. We also will have some news next month, with a new inspirational shoot that’s coming and we promise that we will share everything with you! Stay tuned for more!!!