March 9, 2018



People who know us know that for us is very important to be happy and funny at work and find joy in what we do. We believe that good energy is what makes us different in our daily day at the office and with the client. Is the fuel that makes us moving.

Is very important to face the challenges with a good face and be adventurous. The two of us are always ready to do more! Because if we take us too seriously we easily go crazy. Working on our own can be very ungrateful and a great challenge every day because we are always submitted to a tons of challenges and pressure. We must be able to respond to all of them and shine through it. 'No' days are difficult because we work directly with the client and we do not hide behind a system. But after all, what is the wedding planner witch is allowed to be in a bad mood? Our job is to show that everything is under control and on moving! Therefore, in order to deal with crises and to be able to respond, we have to have our personal life very organized (even because we do not have much time to live it, right?). That being said, now that we are two on the office (hurray!), we always try to be on a good mood and our mindset of election is: "Do not stress, do your best!". The truth is problems have the meaning we give to them, and if we kick their ass off and get over them, we solve problems much more quickly and effectively than if we spend our lives feeling sorry for ourselves. We always are very thankful that we can do what we love on our work every day, even in that difficult days of exhaustion. We are what we want to be and we choose to be here. MUZA is our baby and every step of growth, even if very small, we always see it as a blessing. Not all the people wake up and go to bed enjoying what they do, so this is already a big reason for celebration! We are grateful for the little things and we can lighten up our work environment by 50% on the hardest days by thinking and living that way.

In addition to the relaxed atmosphere in our office, we find it essential to have good relationships with other professionals in the area, where empathy and kindness is the key. What happens is that many times our partners become great friends, for whom we have a great love, admiration and respect. This relationships allows us to understand their needs and defend their work in the best way possible to the client. Because in addition of being aware of the whole process that involves their work much better, we know them as human beings and we can look at the dedication that they place on their work and with their clients. And to be honest, we work with people to people, how else could we guarantee our clients the best possible result? Our partners are an extension of our services, so when we choose them, we look for professionals with a badass portfolio, but from time to time that we go out with them and have a few drinks! Essentially we look for genuine and humble people who want to give their maximum every day at work. It all comes down to empathy and good energies. And if we can create chemistry with them it's great, because everything goes much more smoothly on the wedding process.

Finally, we always make fun of ourselves. We find humor in all kinds of situations, because really... why panic? It adds nothing to our lives. Lightening situations, don’t making it much an important thing, is the best way to deal with inconvenient situations. Then we put on the mask of grown people and puff! ... at the end of the day the problem is always solved. BTW, this does not mean that we never are pissed at something or we that do not stress (we're just humans!!!), it's just that’s much easier when we just pay attention to the important things in life.

We would like to use this post to praise all entrepreneurs women who run their own business and are the most beautiful representation of what is to invest in ourselves. Luckly we two are surrounded by them! #girlboss #weruntheworld

And for you guys, which is your attitude at work?