June 9, 2018

Graphic Design Girls!

Graphic Design

For the ones that know us you probably know that we are crazy about colours, typography and patterns. Both of us graduated on Graphic Design, at Universidade de Aveiro a few years ago. Since then we’ve work on the corporate business and recently discovered the beautiful world of weddings (yey!!!)! Neither of us are married (chock!) but we are very emotional, caring and loving persons, so we totally vibrate with weddings! We are for the love! Hahaha!

That being said we never could picture this being our job without having the thing that we love the most every day on our minds - design. First of all, what drove us to work on events was the fact that we could have another kind of creative liberty and the second reason is because we found purpose on what we were doing. A lot of people think that design is meanless on weddings but we strongly defend that if you are a self aware person about having a concept on your wedding, design is essential. You can not have details on your wedding that don’t make sense with the decoration and with who you are and what you standing for as individuals and a couple. For that we believe that design is the key to have a perfect wedding! (Not literally, because there is no such thing as perfection, but we can assure that you will have a blast if you have a cool design!).

For the ones that get excited about wedding invitations and stationery we could explain you our working process (if we are the ones doing the decor). First of all we start to define a colour palette and a moodboard decor for the wedding (we already told you guys about the importance of having moodboards for your special day, check that post here). We search about inspirational creative inputs that can mark you wedding (a colour, a texture, a detail of nature or a place). There is no rules here. With a few imagens we have to translate your wedding day. After that we make you some questions about your personality (are you a more sceptical or more romantic person?; Do you love flowers or are more a geometric person?; Do you like calligraphy or straight typography? Etc.) Please notice that we are very outside of the box creatives and we don’t like as much creating the usual design pieces that you see everywhere. What drives us is creating fresh and minimal designs that surprises you and don’t seem at all like a wedding piece. We like to create something that you can hold and hang on you house walls, for example. Don’t forget that you don’t have to have flowers or birds (whatever) on your designs if you are having it on the wedding day. Stationery is a complement to the decor and have to be balanced with that. Can be something as simple as a white cotton paper with typography and look absolutely beautiful as well. The table setting is the key that will create the atmosphere and the irreverent and elegant look that you are looking for. For that reason please invest on your wedding decoration more than on your designs. And you don’t have to have it all to be the best wedding ever. We prefer if you invest in a few and quite unique pieces than spending all the budget in quantity.

After our design proposal we discuss with the couple all the alterations to be made and we suggest other solutions if you like too. Everything is developed along with the couple and is that that turns out the final result so yours! Then everything goes to production. High quality finishes are so important as the design. Having a cool design on a shity paper with low printing quality it’s such a shame! That way we work with a special high quality cotton paper ready to digital printing and we do the final touches on our office. Handling is with us! Applying small details as gold sheet paper, special cuts, wax seal, stickers, tags, wires, some folds, etc. is on us (and that’s the times that we want to kill ourselves!!!). But nothing gives us more pleasure that delivery everything and see our couples happy about it!

And that’s it guys! We love design as much as we love weddings so we promise you that your wedding day will be quite unique. Fall in love with some of our designs bellow. And keep in mind… Less is more!