January 2, 2018

Hi 2018, hello MUZA!


I always knew that the best way to learn was by challenging myself, to put me outside my comfort zone and proving to myself that if I wanted something, I just had to go after it. Believing in myself has always been a kind of “mantra” to me, because I know it’s something that only depends on us. Cactus (the brand that preceded MUZA, only dedicated to graphic events design) emerged like this… Because I wanted to do better, I wanted to do more than what I saw, and I believed that my essence would be what would give character and personality to an unpretentious, humble and fair brand. More than making good design and having freedom to create, I wanted to be able to deal directly with people (and that was something I was scared of before, I would be anxious just to think about it!). I remember of just being aware that the brand had grown so much and that it really was a full-time job, just months later of being full of work all the time. I was having a fantastic summer, with couples who gave me lots of love and words of affection, when I realized that I still had this thing inside me that did not leave me 100% happy with my work.

It was then that I realized that I needed another goal, to do more and to see more of myself in my work. So, in the rush of the moment, I spoke with my soul mate designer, and I asked her if she wanted to do wedding planning with me. Rita was the perfect person to work with, because above all the criteria needed to manage a brand, I admired her work and the love and visual culture that she have about design and styling, the rest would come with time… It was a desire that arose not because I did not like what I was doing, but because of the need of doing something different and, above all, to have my/our events. To be able to see a continuity in our work and to create a stronger and more personal identity, without us having to constantly adapting our work to the briefing of others. We wanted to choose our team (to have a very healthy and respectful working environment) and setting our tone of communication to start working exclusively with couples who review themselves in our philosophy of wedding celebration - unpretentious, simple, event-seeking couples with a concept and with no fear of taking risks and being themselves. A wedding is a celebration, a moment of true joy, love in its pure essence, with not protocols, rules and conventions. We knew the risk that we was taking and that with that we was not pleasing everyone, but who would we be if we told our customers to be themselves and then our brand was not genuine?

With that MUZA is Bruna and Rita, two very “fresh” heads that balance each other. One is the reason of the other and we work in perfection as a team. We are very focused on what we do but completely bipolar (we may find ourselves being very pragmatic in one minute as in the next we are having a hysterical attack  of enthusiasm with a silly idea that came over us!). We don’t have filters and we are very demanding with ourselves. We have lots of love to give and we also love receiving it! We never close a project without having our eyes sparkling as we speak of it and we will always sleep with our heads bubbling with dreams.

Having that said, we believe that the best way to get to know us is through this blog, which will serve as a voice for what is happening here in the office. We’ll share ideas that inspire us, some tips, show you guys who is Bruna and Rita, and reveal a little of this world that is to do wedding planning and graphic design. We hope you are inspired by us!