July 1, 2018

Muza in Marrakech

Planning & Lifestyle

Muza team were in Marrakech for a few days!! We made a wedding styled shoot inside a Riad and we also had time to explore and feel the atmosphere of this unique city. It was an amazing experience as wedding planners but also as individuals because this place has such a really different street atmosphere and culture comparing with Portugal and other European countries.

The truth is that we both had much curiosity about this city and we would love to do a real wedding there! Actually during our trip we discovered that some ethnic decor details that we love and are present in our homes are inspired by the Moroccan culture. So as you can imagine there are plenty of things we loved about this trip! Everything is really different comparing with our everyday reality, so you walk on the street and you really feel like a tourist looking for each detail and trying to feel and understand the Moroccan kind of life. The colors, the smells, the buildings, the people… it’s all so unique! Such a cultural chock, for the worst and for the better, because made us appreciate the little things that we take for guarantee on our daily bases as material things like high quality food for a reasonable price, good water and having a home, and see that sometimes we spend so many time holding on to things that doesn’t matter instead of enjoying the others and go out of our homes to discover more. It’s true that sometimes if you have less you live and enjoy more. So, with time we started enjoying and embracing the Moroccan culture.

Regarding the shoot, when we had the chance of planning this styled shoot in Marrakech we both didn’t think twice. Marrakech is so trendy on the fashion culture and we are huge fans of that kind of boho style, so we just knew that we had to do it and this was the right moment! Also we knew this could be a great opportunity for giving a twist to our portfolio. So, we worked on the mood of the shoot, managed the team from here (Lisbon), and when it was time to go we took our baggages full of decorations like two crazy people (we confess we didn’t know until now how our bags passed in the check-in without paying any extra money for the weight of them, eheh!). We thought about every single detail as organized wedding planners we are and now we just can’t wait for the final result to share with you guys!!

The shoot took place on a beautiful riad named Riad Jaaneman and on the the days after we had the opportunity of exploring the city and spend some quality time at the riad where we stayed. The weather was warm so it was so good to take walks, look at the main attractions, get lost in the middle of the souks, take drinks and meals at rooftops and at the end of the day spend some time by the pool and catch some sun until it was gone. It was so good to clear our minds and return back to work full of energy for the weddings that are about to happen!

For now here you have some photos we took during the trip and the shoot, hope you like it! We will share the shoot soon.