January 16, 2018

Neon Signs, the trend!


Neon signs are a really great trend, and we have to confess that we are completely crazy about them!! Everytime we have that daydream and exciting moments together about the ideas we would love to apply in our office, a neon sign is always on our minds! The word “muza” bringing that twist to our working and creative space! The truth is this kind of bright objects give life and personality to any space, so they will perfectly mark your wedding place!

Their origin dates back to the beginning of XX century, in that time they were produced in a larger quantity and they illuminated the nights of big cities like New York, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Tokyo, London, etc. For that reason, nowadays when they are applied in some space, they transmit that cosmopolitan, retro and irreverent feeling to the environment. They may be setted up as a photography background, behind the sitting of the couple, on the top of some furniture, involved by some greenery or flowers, or just attached to a brick wall with that industrial appearance. From the bustle of the city streets to a confiest and alternative environment that can be your wedding place. We love this idea!

Neon signs absolutely have a strong presence in any space and certainly will be a delight for your guests! They can be costumized with some quote that makes sense for you as a couple or even with your names. Besides that, it’s a great idea for a fun and unique object that after the wedding may be a part of your home decor! Get inspired!

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