March 30, 2018

Wedding Planning, what is it?


A lot of our couples came to us struggling with the concept of what is to be a wedding planner. What does our work really consist of? And for what are you paying for? We would be lying if we told you that is a piece of cake to explain it, because is not a product and is not touchtable. In Portugal a lot of people are not comfortable with paying for someone time and knowledge, as well with the word “consulting” and do not understand why they have to pay so much for a service that they think that is simple (unless when they have to pay to a lawyer or a doctor, someone in a high hierarchy of the well paid jobs hahaha). Our job is not a tangible product and is not only planning a wedding it is also dealing with emotions and desires. We invest in our bride and grooms weddings like our own (we would love to have even more time for each of you) and we don’t do it because we have to, because is our job; we do it because we chose to and it makes us go to bed every day with a smile in our faces. That reflects on the relationship that we have with each couple. We know that we are a little bit shy, but we truly connect with every love story and with every couples personality because we build weddings from scratch. We don’t do MUZA weddings, we do your wedding and each of you are so special and unique. Our job is making true weddings that reflects your deepest desires and our work is always builded taking in considerations your inputs.

That being said, there is no right or wrong way to plan a tailor made wedding. It is a customized guided service through the wedding planning that can be done in different approaches. We want the couple to be very presente on their own wedding process, so they always are consulted in every step and decisions. So, if you are looking for a “catalogue wedding”, that is not our service. Nothing gives us a good night of sleep as knowing that our couples are aware of every step of the wedding. You dream and we make it happen (and when you let us we even dream more that you imagined). When you are a couple living abroad it becomes almost mandatory to have a wedding planner. A wedding demands a lot of commitment, time and connections and if you are a miles away it becomes essential to have someone on site.

So, how can we help you? We helping you finding a wedding venue, we manage your wedding budget and deal with all the vendors quotes, we take care of any special requests from the bride and groom or guests and we escort you on wedding trials, give you our feedback and opinion on every decision and our “know how” is always a valuable feature to the process. We make a decoration project completely customized from scratch and, with a on site venue study and we plan every moment and space. So you could understand that wedding planning is so much more that managing vendors and assembly. Is to hear your desires and concerns and making it work, no matter what. Is to have more for less and if you are having a bad day or are worried about something you can always count on us. Our work is one thousand chat messages, one thousand phone calls, one thousand car trips and one thousand of worries and still go it and give you the mind of peace that everything is right on track (even when it is not, but no worry, we will deal with it in time!!!); It is our time and our creative work; It is to put our emotions and tiredness for later, for when we have the time for it (sometimes we have not), just to see you happy. We usually say that we love what we do, but deep inside we have to love you a little bit too, is not that true? If not how the hell would we be so happy when you smile and share a tear on your wedding day?

Are you still thinking about going to your wedding day with your mind full of task lists? Well, as far as we are concerned we do everything that we can so you don’t have to move a finger! We are your salvation boat on the planning process and your glass of gin on the wedding morning. Just chill, relax, and enjoy the wedding process.

If you have any doubts feel free to reach us. We would love to chat with you and answer to all of your questions. →