May 14, 2019

Wedding venues in Algarve


We were not big fans of weddings in Algarve. For some reason that we can’t explain, Algarve have grown a special place in our hearts. We already were big fans of summers in Algarve, but the wedding industry was recognised as being ‘tacky’ and a wedding factory location. Everything looked the same and the venue and decoration choices were poor and standard.

That being said we didn’t related at all with what was being made there. After we start seeing some special venues we started being more and more interested in exploring Algarve as a wedding destination location. Actually, we recommend several venues in there that we absolutely love. We are big fans of small authentic places with good design, so as the months go by there are many new spots that we mark on our wish lists to visit and, hopefully, to build something there.

As we don’t work in exclusivity or on a commission policy with any venue we always are free to explore new places and, honestly, we can’t help it because we love architecture and travelling, so our minds are bubbling with new things all the time as soon as we see something new online or in magazines. We love being free to explore our interests! For that reason, we bring to our blog some of our favourite venues in Algarve. Can’t you believe there are so magical places in Portugal? It just takes us to other dimension and making us wanting to relax. Another fact is that we are big big fans of small weddings so we are crazy about small B&B where you can have some privacy and taste authentic food and traditions. On a small wedding, you can share the whole place with your guests and enjoy a family vacation there after it. That’s not delicious? Cheers to intimate and special celebrations!

Even if is not a wedding, just take a look at these awesome venues for vacations. If you want to know more about how and where to getting married in Algarve just send us an email. We would love to help you with planning your wedding day!


Image 2, 3 e 4 - Love is my Favorite Color // Image 1, 5 e 6 - Francisco Nogueira // Image 7 e 8 - Cédric Dasesson // Image 9 e 10 - Frédéric Beauchamp // Image 11 - Amoma // Image 12 - The Framers Photography // Image 13 - Secret Places // Image 14 - Exclusif Voyages