December 31, 2018

Weddings of 2018


2018 was full of emotions. Everything was felt at 100% and lived at the maximum. It was the first year of MUZA and we can not be more proud of our journey and of the opportunities that came along. It’s always good to stop for a minute and analyze our goals, what we achieved and questioning our services, valuing our strengths and improving our weaknesses. Since day one our goal was always the same: to give the best service possible to our couples. As by our graphic design background and creative vein, as by what we do the best: loving and caring. Our life is not our work, but our work is our life. We are side by side along one of the most emotional journeys of our couple's lives and it’s super important we are focused for they felt the most comfortable, calm and cherished as possible. Being so sensitive makes us suffer more our work? Yes, it does, but also allows us to imagine what’s to be in their own skin and to defend their interests and emotions the best way possible. Of course that planning a wedding never will be their best experience in life, because we have to lead with stressful moments where they have the final say, because we have to speak about boring and sensitive matters like budget (what deep down is what leads the process), and no wedding planning process is a sea of roses, is important to have that in mind. But we battle for them the best way possible in order to diminish all the stress or insecurities. We bound with each couple and our enthusiasm for living their wedding day with them is truly genuine. We take all the possible good energy for the day and, for that time, we are invincible. We are ready to war!

This year was a tuff one, because we had to work double for having more experience and to collect more and more contacts for all kind of request that we get, so we had the time to make mistakes a thousand times, repeat and in the end get it right, because deep down, our intuition was our best adviser. There’s not time to hesitations, for second thoughts or give up if we face adversities. At the exact moment there is only a solution: to make it work. Humbly, we always publicly assumed how recent was our project, as we always assumed our perseverance, talent and vision, so for that reason, we truly believe that love moves mountains and brings people together. If it was not for love we would not feel as accomplished and as overwhelmed as we feel these days, because, deep down, it seems that years have passed since we created MUZA.

We got together (and still making new friends as time pass by) the most amazing wedding team to accompany us and we develop truly beautiful bonds with many of them. In 2019 you can count on seeing many new faces and just great and talented people. We are very proud to say that we work with the best vendors of the market.

We also surrounded ourselves with couples who gave us the confidence and inputs that we were looking for to validate the quality of our work so we can truly feel that our service lived up to their expectations. We always sleep with a clear conscience and with an immense peace about our commitment and dedication. In the end, we were able to create solid foundations so that everything would grow very fast but with our feet on the ground, always lined up with our principles - humility, transparency and generosity. That and our thirst for success and ambition has brought us many challenges overcome. We are quite simple people and we constantly question the value of our work, so all the positive feedback makes us feel like we won the day!

This year we made a stylized shot in Morocco, our work has been published on 7 international wedding blogs, we accompanied 22 couples, and we have a very special communication for sharing with you soon.

Stay tuned for 2019 because it will be even better! Our agenda is already getting full and we already have some projects for sharing before the wedding season! And because we love to have backstage photos with our couples, for this end of the year we share some of them with you. Thank you for being on this side!

Have a wonderful 2019!