February 6, 2018

Where to get married in Portugal


One of the greatest challenges for the brides and grooms is to find the perfect wedding venue! Don’t you think? As architecture and design lovers, we are always looking for the prettiest places to recommend to our couples. So we already have many partners that can assure you a unique and exquisite wedding! We have to confess you guys that they all are dream venues.

Recently we take some days off to get to know some places that we were really interested on and we were sure that our future clients would love. It was a road trip with about 950 km, since Lisbon to the north of Portugal, where we saw many kinds of gorgeous landscapes like mountains, river, flatlands, castles and beach. Now we have to offer you a bigger range of venues, where your wedding certainly would suits perfectly! This is one of the more important issues after getting engaged, choosing the wedding venue. That’s why we arrange you guys some topics to consider when you are looking for a place to get married. Besides, these tips will also help your Wedding Planner, if you have one.

1. BUDGET - Practical brides and grooms defines a budget since the begging of the process, so they didn’t create expectations of something they can not accomplish.

2. NUMBER OF GUESTS - Is not worthy to you fall in love for places that you can not fit with your guest number. If that is the only issue, we suggest to you to reduce your guest list. We know that (as a general rule!) the smallest weddings are the most greatest of all! We love it!

3. KIND OF PARTY - If you are looking for a more festive wedding, and if you want to have a big party all night long, you better look for a secluded place. Because even if the venue has a space for the party, in the big day you will find some limitations that you will not be able to solve.

4. LOCATION - When you choose your wedding venue don’t do it for the convenience and opinion of other people. People who love you would go to China to see you getting married, do not doubt it! So choose the place that suits you as a couple and where you feel like home. The most important people will be there, regardless of everything!

5. CATERING - Define since the beginning if you will be demanding with your menu choice and if because of that you will hire a special catering. This limitation will make you delete more than a half of the venues of your list. In this case, a hotel never will be a good place to your wedding. Think about to choose a private space!

6. ACCOMMODATION - At the end of the party, as all the brides and grooms, you will be exhausted. The best idea is to celebrate in a venue where you and your closest family can be hosted. Consider this point if you choose to get married in a hotel and check if you can have a special group discount pack.

7. EXCLUSIVITY - If you want to have an intimate wedding or an elopement, there are many options of venues, however many of them will not give to you the comfort you are looking for. If you choose an hotel, it must give you some privacy or the option of being exclusively closed for your event (we have a lot of options of rural tourism which fits perfectly!). If you would like to rent a space, choose it according the number of your guests, it has to be proportional to the number of guests. That way you will never loose coziness and intimacy that are very singular and unique on this kind of weddings!

8. EXPERIENCES - If you are that kind of couple whose wedding is more than a celebration, if you are looking for an experience, choose venues that offers to you packs for your stay as a couple. More than ever is more commun brides and grooms staying in the wedding hotel, before and after the wedding, sharing unique romantic moments and / or with the family and intimate friends!

These are our best tips to you guys. If you need consulting on hiring and management of vendors for your wedding day, let us know all about it! Any of our services is absolutely tailor made, whatever your needs may be. Meanwhile, take a look on some of the photos we took of our venue scouting, that worked out in an authentic road trip. We were in places with stunning landscapes that looked like authentic fairy tales! Who would not get married right now?