Based in Lisbon

At MUZA Weddings Concept we are two Wedding Planners from Lisbon focused on tailor-made weddings. Our core business is destination weddings, so if you are thinking about getting married in Portugal, or even abroad, you can count on us to make it unforgettable. We have a limit of 20 weddings per year, giving much time and care to each client and their guests' experience. Our main focus is bringing to life the fresh, modern, and sophisticated wedding ideas that our clients dream of, always with a very laid back and cool atmosphere. We love to take care of our couples by helping them navigate their path towards the big day, designing every single detail, and paying assistance to all the wedding logistics. Your wedding must be a representation of you as a couple, and we promise to help you never losing sight of that.


Enthusiastic, caring and effective

Growing up her mind was always full of projects and her major accomplishment in life is the superpower of planning the best day ever of every client's life. Just because she is too stubborn and mind free to work for others, she created Cactus Design, a graphic design brand for weddings that evolved into MUZA. Bruna is a foodie, sunset beach lover, music addicted, wears black and white 300 days a year, and sights watching lame love stories (yes, she is also a silly romantic)! She easily gets tired of routine so event planning is the perfect job for never get bored, you always have the craziest things happening at weddings.


Dedicated, passionate and ambitious

She was always a girl full of dreams and goals in her life, so one day, when Bruna challenged her to create MUZA, she had not to think twice! She just quit her previous job as a graphic designer, and she realized that this was the right adventure she needed. Rita loves home decor, plants, fashion, summer days, good food, and cocktails by the sunset. Travel is one of her greatest pleasures, so she really loves to enjoy life. She always put much attention to the details, loves to create beautiful things, and run her own business, so working as a wedding planner is her perfect job, even if sometimes it's os challenging!

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