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Kind words are like frames we like to keep near to us.

We are passionate designers who love to connect with your deepest dreams. Your words mean the world to us!

September 2022

Brigitta & Nicolas

Casa da Volta, Comporta

"From our first conversation, along the entire journey of organizing the wedding up until the event itself (…) we can say with 100% certainty that hiring MUZA as our wedding planners has been that single one decisive component that allowed us realizing the wedding of our dreams!! The dedication, passion, reliability, empathy, professionalism and commitment these two powerwomen bring along, is a unique combination whose scope and power you only begin to realise in retrospect. All the more fortunate and grateful you feel to have found these two jewels. Not least, this was possible because MUZAS have built up a network of incredibly talented and like-minded suppliers who created a unique magic and energy, not only as professionals but also as people, which all cumulated in an incredible bubble of harmony and happiness."

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July 2022

Melissa & Andrew

Santa Clara 1728, Lisbon

"The absolute most wonderful planning team in the world. My husband and I worked with Bruna to plan our destination micro wedding in Lisbon this past July. She was kind, communicative, receptive to our requests, and overall just a great human to work with. We put all of our trust in her and she completely delivered. We were so relaxed on our day knowing she had everything under control. The wedding was absolute magic, every detail thoughtful and executed to perfection. She was able to perfectly translate our style as a couple into wedding form."

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July 2022

Caroline & Alex

Camélia Gardens, Sintra

"Throughout our wedding planning process and after the wedding itself, we have said hiring Muza Weddings as our planners was the best money we spent. Bruna and Rita are not only immensely creative people but also extremely organized and knowledgeable. (…) They anticipated what we needed before we knew and got parasols for our guests to shade them from the heat during our ceremony. They knew all the best vendors and were able to help us cut through the noise to make selections. The vendors also speak very highly of them and it's clear that they are respected in their industry by the professionals. We cannot thank them enough for making our day so special and being the best partners in this process."

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June 2022

Andrea & Jacob

"I really cannot find the words to express how thankful we are to Muza. (…) The best thing we did was find them, from the beginning they made the whole process seamless. (…) For two architects who are massive control freaks and care deeply about detail, we felt like we could trust Muza to do the job to the standard we would have. They never disappointed and actually exceeded our expectations. The team that Muza put together for the wedding is a testament to who they are as people and the quality of their work, all their suggested vendors were lovely people and did a great job. (…) From the days before the wedding to the wedding day itself everything went perfectly without a hitch, I thought I was gonna be a nervous wreck but I was able to relax and see everything come together without really having to lift a finger. We love you guys, you are not only lovely but amazingly talented and made our special day so wonderful!"

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September 2021

Aisha & David

Casa dos Penedos, Sintra

"I was initially attracted to their keen eye for design and chic taste, but soon came to realize that their love, dedication, and thoughtfulness is what made our wedding dreams come true. (…) Also, when you work with MUZA its essentially a one-stop-shop. They know *all* of the best vendors and venues. And are constantly scouting new locations to keep their rolodex fresh. (…) As a Black couple traveling internationally can often be filled with uncertainty in the way we are received, so imagine planning a wedding! (…) We developed a really strong relationship in this process and she's someone we'd like in our lives for years to come (because we'll be back to Portugal many times in the future!). Planning a wedding in general can be difficult, but all of that is heightened when doing so internationally and during a pandemic. So, the fact that they were still able to execute everything flawlessly speaks volumes. (…) Lastly, they made our wedding so fabulous it was featured on!"

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August 2021

Linda & Emil

Pousada Mosteiro de Amares, Amares

"We had our dream wedding in August 2021 and we owe it all to MUZA girls that our wedding day turned out to be such a perfect one. Then we can move on to the endless good things about MUZA. From the beginning the communication was warm, kind, open, honest and professional, but still relaxed. We really appreciated that MUZA girls were honest if they thought our ideas were for example impossible to implement, and offered other, always better, implementation strategies. (…)They really have an eye for the detail and they really seem to love their work. Passion is the most important quality of a wedding planner (in my opinion) and I don’t think anyone is as passionate about their work than MUZA girls. Another thing that really makes them stand out in a crowd is their artistic vision. Their creations are so unique, beautiful, dazzling and breathtaking. They really think outside the box. I mean, just check their instagram account."

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August 2021

Melanie & Nikolas

Sublime Comporta, Comporta

"I can not recommend those girls enough! Our elopement was a dream come true: I you ever scrolled through social media and were wondering if a wedding looking as beautiful and breath-taking like this would be possible in real life...well, yes it is when you're working with Muza. They are amazing designers and can make every vision a beautiful reality. In addition, they made planning so easy: Everything was clearly communicated, transparent, they recommended amazing vendors and planned everything timely and seamlessly. We did not have to worry about a single thing. On the day we could fully focus on us and enjoy the day because everything was taken care of. I can think of nothing I would have wanted differently because everything was perfection. Also, they are super nice, warm and caring (…) We cannot thank them enough for making our wedding a truly unforgettable and once-in-a-lifetime experience! We will forever be grateful."

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September 2020

Luc & Joao

"When we saw the work of MUZA, we were blown away by the beauty and the unique style of their work. Since our first skype meeting, we were impressed by their efficacy and professionalism. It was so easy to work and communicate with them, even without being in the same country. From the save-the-date, to the decoration, to the management of every vendors, everything was beyond perfect. The girls have an eye for every detail. And they made the organisation so easy and stress free for us by being always on top of everything. Even with COVID, they were able to resolve every last-minute problem unflinchingly. They made our day truly special and every guest was so mesmerized with everything. Muito obrigado Bruna, Rita, Inês & Patrícia."

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October 2019

Holly & Rob

“The MUZA team was an absolute pleasure to work with and truly made my wedding dreams come true. Our wedding day was far above and beyond anything I could have imagined. Even after the countless messages and discussions together collaborating on the plans for the day, I was completely blown away. This team truly offers so much to their clients... curated vendor recommendations, honest and thoughtful advice throughout the planning process, beautiful graphic design, elegant styling, and great communication. Not to mention offering Slack and Airtable as platforms to stay organized and aligned while we were countries and time zones apart! I am so grateful for all of the talent and energy Rita, Bruna and the full team put into every detail of our day. I unreservedly recommend this team to anyone looking for a magical wedding day and a lovely planning experience.”

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August 2019

Jasna & Felipe

L'AND Vineyards, Alentejo

"Words simply can't describe how wonderful and talented the lovely ladies of MUZA are! We will forever be grateful to you for bringing our dream into a reality on one of the most special moments in our lives, our wedding day. Everything was beyond perfection from day 1. The communication, organization, planning, attention to every detail and not to even mention the impeccable design / creativity that these ladies have is very unique and hard to come across. It has been such a pleasure to partner with you both on this amazing journey and to have made new friends in the end :) I would, with all of my heart, recommend MUZA to any couple embarking on this wonderful journey of wedding planning and am excited to follow all of their incredible work to come!"

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September 2018

Ksenia & Jeff

“If you want you big day to be ideal and exactly how you dream about it, with no issues and stress – Muza is exactly what you need! Me and my husband decided to make a destination wedding and we took a risk to work with Rita and Bruna without meeting them in person. It was, with no doubt, right decision. We didn’t see venue till day before wedding, didn’t make any food testing and meet most of the team via Skype… risky, hey? But girls made everything just PERFECT! I don’t know how it`s possible! They are turned out to be one of the most professional, responsible and creative people that we ever met. They answer very quick on all our questions, always provide extra information, they understood us so well and made all the details exactly how we imagine them. We fell in love with all team that they work with. (...) We were extremely lucky to find Bruna and Rita, thank you girls!”

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