April 10, 2019

Amazing wedding venues in Lisbon


Lisbon is for sure an amazing place with stunning wedding venues for you get married. So, today we will show you our favorite ones, which probably are the best wedding venues in Lisbon.

If you are about to choosing this city to get married, you know for sure that Portugal is a country full of history. So, Lisbon, the main city, is a beautiful place full of historical details, like tiles everywhere, statues, monuments, old buildings, the walls and the ceilings filled by little details… We can say that it’s unique experience getting lost in this city and the truth is, most of the venues we have in Lisbon have this kind of historical touch. Our foreign couples are always being so amazed by all the things they discover in each corner, but on the other hand, we are so used to live here that sometimes we just still feeling surprised when the couples tell us that they already traveled the world, but Portugal is their favorite country. We hear this many times, it’s incredible!! This country has many beautiful venues, from hotels to private properties, national monuments, etc., but Lisbon is one of the most chosen areas by foreigners to get married.

When you are looking for a venue, you need to know that if it is a hotel you probably will have to pay for the exclusivity of it (that way the whole hotel be exclusive for your wedding) or eventually a partial exclusivity (depending on the number of guests), this way you and your guests will stay there, so you can spend a really good time together before, during and after the wedding. This is always a good plan! If it is another kind of venue, you probably will have to pay a fee to rent the space and then hiring a catering (or simply work with their exclusive catering).

If you are looking for a destination wedding in Lisbon, you probably will also want to have a place for a rehearsal party. In Lisbon, you can also find several options for those kinds of parties. We have many rooftops which are always very good options for a party on a Summer evening by the sunset (the sunsets in Lisbon at the Summer time are something!!).

Back to the wedding venues matter, here you have some images of our favorite venues in Lisbon. Take a look and we hope after that you start imagining your wedding in this beautiful city! We can help you putting everything together and designing your big day!


Photo 1 & 2 - Hugo Coelho Fotografia | Photo 3 & 4 - Roger Mendez | Photo 5 & 6 - SUD Lisboa | Photo 7 & 8 - Paulo Carvalho | Photo 9 & 10 - Hugo Coelho Fotografia | Photo 11 - Casa dos Penedos | Photo 12 & 13 - Adriana Morais Photography | Photo 14 & 15 - Love is My Favorite Color | Photo 16 & 17 - Amoma.com