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Best Wedding Venue in Azores, Portugal

December 5, 2020

Last September we traveled to the Azores, and one of our main reasons to visit the beautiful Sao Miguel island was to get to know one of the most gorgeous and nice hotels we've ever stayed in, Sensi Azores, which is also an amazing wedding venue and destination wedding!

Sensi Azores is a small hotel with the perfect amount of outside green space facing a jaw-dropper panoramic ocean view where you can witness the most breathtaking sunsets. It is located near one of the biggest attractions of the Island that has ocean hot springs, Ponta da Ferraria, on one of the edges of the Island. Is a quick 25 minutes drive until Ponta Delgada (that is a lovely road to enjoy, by the way), and the hotel is a true gem.

The owners, Teresa and Miguel, are crazy adventurers who enjoy simple things in life, and this project made them create roots with the Island. One day they saw that piece of land for sale and just decided that it would be it! You can tell by the details that everything was projected at their taste and tells their story, starting with the Asian pottery they present on their bar shelves. The walls are covered with art and tradition, and you can press pause, stand still, and contemplate such beauty always surrounded by nature. The staff and service were spotless and we felt like the president with so much care and attention from them.

We were lucky to stay in an Atlantic deluxe room with a front ocean view and a private mini pool. You truly get this humble feeling, taking all in and meditating over the deck, while the sun goes down and the birds dance in the sky. We really appreciate how lucky we are to get the chance to know places like this!

As people who love their jobs, we couldn't help ourselves from discussing strategies with Sensi of how to accommodate events at their hotel, as it is the perfect combination with what our clients usually look for and the size of our weddings – intimate celebrations. Their gardens are the perfect ambiance for a cocktail or dinner, and you have a huge cornfield right in the front of the hotel that could work as a great ceremony setting! As in the Azores the weather is always unpredictable, their outside spaces are completely compatible with a tent, and their restaurant and bar could also work as plan b’s, depending on the size of the event.

Dreaming about getting married in Azores, Portugal? Think about the experience you can offer your guests and the wild activities you can do on this beautiful Island of hot springs, lakes and valleys, getting married in one of the most untouched gems of the world. Azores is undeniable beauty and one of the favorite destinations ever. Get lost with their beautiful pics! We can guarantee that looks even best in person.

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