October 29, 2020

Lisbon Wedding - Welcome Party Best Venues


We are a wedding planning company based in Lisbon that is totally focused on destination weddings, so we have the pleasure of planning weddings for people from all around the globe. As our couples and it's guests come from abroad, the wedding celebration ends up being a kind of experience and vacations for everyone. For that reason, our couples are always interested in gathering everything and enjoy the culture and the city. A welcome party is the most wanted for sure!

Our kind of client is a natural traveler who loves to enjoy good things in life - fresh food, delicious cocktails and wine, amazing views and music, etc.. Lisbon is both a perfect location for a wedding destination and a welcome party! It is a city with a very unique light and atmosphere that has a lot of things going on, and there are always new cool spots around like restaurants, boutique cafes, rooftops, etc.. Rooftops are always a favorite, so we decided to share with you our top recommendations of rooftops that can host your wedding welcome cocktail!

1. Sky Bar by Seen

Located in the Tivoli Avenida da Liberdade, this is probably the best Lisbon Rooftop. Here you can really feel the cosmopolitan, sophisticated, and festive kind of life. You can drink a delicious signature cocktail and eat good food (their tacos are heaven!!) with a stunning view through Castelo de São Jorge and Tejo River. It is a perfect spot for a welcome party by the sunset. Besides that, it is connected to Seen Lisboa, one of our favorites restaurants in Lisbon.

2. Rossio Gastrobar

This is another hotel rooftop, it takes place on the 7th floor of Altis Avenida Hotel, and it has an incredible and very open view through Praça do Rossio, Castelo de São Jorge, and Tejo River. It’s a brand new place with a stylish vibe, where you can enjoy good cocktails and finger food. Being located in a hotel can be a plus for you because you and your guests can stay there and have a welcome party on the rooftop.

3. Topo Chiado

This rooftop is located side by side with the gorgeous Convento do Carmo ruins and has such a beautiful city view with Castelo de São Jorge in the front and Santa Justa Lift on the right side. It has three levels and a big area that makes it very versatile and allows you to do an event there without having the full exclusivity of the space. It’s a perfect place to drink cocktails and eat some finger food by the afternoon.

4. Bar Terraço Limão

This rooftop takes place on the 10th floor of the H10 Duque de Loulé, a very charming boutique hotel. It has two areas, one indoors and another outdoors that has a breathtaking view through Lisbon and Tejo River. The decoration is very modern with a Portuguese touch and the blue and the main color. It’s another cool spot to drink a cocktail and eat something while you enjoy the company of your friends and family, and the view, of course.

5. Hotel Mundial Rooftop Bar

Here you will find one of the best terraces in Lisbon with a stunning panoramic view. It was completely renovated 2 years ago, so it’s still looking modern and new. It has a level with a big area, and besides that, it has another small area on the top that is perfect for a very exclusive event. You will feel that you are in the top of Lisbon while you enjoy good music and celebrate life!

As cocktail and sunset lovers, of course, that our top recommendations had to be rooftops where you can enjoy a good cocktail with a beautiful view of the sunset. For us, this is the perfect plan for a rehearsal party in Lisbon, and it is the favorite of our couples, too. The wedding day is always filled with so many emotions and things happening at the same time, it goes so fast so, a welcome party on the day before with a very relaxed mood is a perfect plan to enjoy more time with the ones you love and create good memories with them. Hope you liked our suggestions!