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Modern Wedding Invitations

Graphic Design
April 29, 2020

As everyone knows Rita and I  met almost nine years ago at the University of Aveiro. It’s such a nostalgic feeling just thinking how time passes by and how much we involved to what would be our future together. I think we were the only ones dying to end college and just get our hands dirty and do something out of our lifes. University never was ‘it’ for us. We just wanted to start working and be independent. So our roots and our background is something very important to us that we never want to let go of it. Even if it’s just on our brand or designing our weddings we take great pleasure when we do pieces that are just our style, well-balanced, sober and modern stationery. As wedding planners in Portugal is really great to keep our organising work along with the creative side of our minds, having a different background as most of the other companies. Funny as it is, we end up being hired most of the times because of our visual identity and portfolio, attracting other designers and creative professionals as clients, or at least people that values aesthetics and our identity. That's the biggest compliment we can ever ask for.

The wedding invitation is where it all starts. That’s the first thing you will do is to tell the world you will get married so we take great pleasure in designing that along with the website. The wedding invitations are the first creative work we do after we have the wedding mood board, so that’s the first contact with the wedding style and mood board. That’s exciting! Both of us love typography so our work is mostly based on that – nice typography, well-balanced spacings and layouts, along with beautiful cotton papers and exquisite modern special finishes. MUZA offers a very complete service of wedding stationery and invitations design that includes a lot of beautiful details and everything you can imagine.

That being said, last year MUZA decided just do graphic design exclusively for our weddings because before we were doing it for other couples and companies as well as a service aside. We took that decision because we were getting fully booked and we any longer had the time to devote ourselves to other clients. That could compromise the quality of our weddings because we were getting other works in the same week as our wedding planning couples. Giving the situation we are living now, we are postponing a lot of our 2020 weddings to next year, so we both decided to make that service available again just for a few months. Take a look at some of our beautiful stationery designed by us, and if you need help with that for your wedding day, let’s chat! MUZA is opening doors to graphic design again, at least until the end of the year, not just for weddings but also for business. Stay tuned!

P.S. - We wish we could share with you guys all we had planned for this 2020 stationery, it was so fresh and fun. We hope we can share some with you soon.

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