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Modern Wedding Venues in Comporta

January 28, 2020

We are both travel lovers, but sometimes we forget that our lovely country already offers us so much in terms of different beautiful landscapes and experiences. Today we want to share with you our favorite place in Portugal for a wedding, or just to go on a getaway, Comporta.

Comporta is an unspoiled place to be discovered only one hour from Lisbon, offers tranquillity and simplicity nearby deserted endless beaches and private lakes. This is our favorite getaway when it comes to just having a full beach day, with a mojito on one hand and the most amazing sunset on the horizon. Time seems to stand still and we have the possibility to experience all that is genuine and authentic about that region.

Comporta is a great location for a wedding. Although the venues offer on this region is particularly low, we had to share this paradise with you. If you really fell in love with this location there are a few options, for elopements, small or big weddings, to make your dreams come true.

Well known by it's tradicional white houses with straw ceilings and rice fields, this unpretentious venues with laid back atmosphere allows you to create the most outside of box wedding decorations, whatever you are looking into a minimal and modern event design, or a more colorful and bohemian look. There's no rules when you have such a clean and beautiful canvas as this luxury venues in Comporta.

Rich in cultural heritage, with a welcoming local population, great foods and wines, Comporta offers a combination of tranquillity and simplicity that is both addictive and inspiring, perfect for a Portugal wedding destination.

Getting married in Comporta? Let us help you having a unique experience and planning your wedding day.

Take a look at the following pictures and try to not to lose your breath!

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