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The Most Amazing Wedding Venues in Portugal

May 6, 2020

Portugal, a small country nestled by the sea, is incredibly abundant in nature, history, and culture. In our opinion, it's a perfect location to exchange vows! As wedding planners rooted in this enchanting country, we are excited to unveil some unique venues that we hope will ignite your imagination for your dream destination wedding!

With 8 centuries of History, our country has incredible cities, like Lisbon and Porto, and other very unique regions, like Alentejo that is countryside and quiet and also very good for a romantic escape, and Algarve in the south, that has both peaceful and frenetic sides especially during the Summer where many Portuguese people and foreigners take vacations as it’s one of the warmest places in Portugal with wonderful beaches. Portugal has a huge coast that offers it's visitors with incredible beaches all over the country, but on the other hand, there are also beautiful mountains and forests, like the magical Sintra, in Lisbon, as well as breathtaking flatlands like it happens in Alentejo. As we have so many different landscapes and environments, when it gets time to choose the perfect wedding venue, we have several different options with different styles for different tastes and kinds of weddings. As our venue list is huge, we chose some of our favorite venues to share with you.

Palácio dos Marqueses de Fronteira

Located in Lisbon, for us, this is the most beautiful palace in Portugal. It’s a national monument that was built on the 17th century, it's used for events and at the same time it continues to be inhabited by the descendants of the 1st Marquis of Fronteira, who had the main body of the house built. The royal gardens, the beautiful blue tiles, and all the corners of this palace make it a really special place to get married and one of the favorites of our couples that looks for history proximity to the city!

Palacete Virtvs

A building from the 19th century that takes place in Lisbon and has a beautiful view above the city. By that time it was a family house with architecture and style that reflects the taste of the bourgeois society. Now it's a venue for different kind of events and for us, the most incredible thing about this place, is the garden with the view where it’s possible to have a wedding dinner on a warm summer night. Besides that, the fact of being in Lisbon city center is always a plus for many couples.

Camélia Gardens

Located in the heart of the magical Sintra, Lisbon, Camélia Gardens has a gorgeous old building, with breathtaking ceilings, that was meticulously renovated by his owners, with wonderful taste as one of them is an architect. The nature that surrounds it, the big old trees, the stunning views, and that familiar vibe of being in a big old romantic house makes it even more unforgettable! Besides that, getting married in Sintra makes it possible to have a wedding surrounded by pleasant nature but at the same time there's so much to do in town and you are a step away from Lisbon!

Casa dos Penedos

Also located in Sintra, this is a big old house with tons of history as well. These kind of old buildings are something you can often find in Sintra and that’s one of the reasons we love Sintra so much! Every time we drive around we keep sneaking on every single corner for options for wedding venues as all of that properties are stunning, magestic and with marvelous views and surroundings. This big old pink house is dreamy and the view is simply breathtaking! A place where history merged in the dense forest of Sintra, it's simply exquisite! For some couples is crazy how they can rent such authentic and rich venues that you can compare history with century monuments. The best thing is that we have them spread all over Portugal!

Sao Lourenço do Barrocal

The history of this place goes back to many centuries ago. Besides had been a place where usually the sedentary Neolithic tribes passed by, later, in the 18th century it became a small agricultural village with 50 families living there. Today is one of the most extraordinary hotels in Portugal, located in Alentejo, and for the ones who are looking for a place with history, but at the same time very authentic and simple, with a farm-style touch, São Lourenço do Barrocal can be a perfect choice!

Dá Licença

In this stunning venue in Alentejo, nature and art are the perfect match. All the areas of this small hotel are decorated with art pieces that at the same time are in perfect harmony with traditional details of the Alentejo culture and history, and the surprising part is that the hotel has an art gallery in an old wine press (how cool is that?). They have 5 suites and 4 rooms, 2 of the suites with a private pool and the architecture of the hotel is very modern and minimal, it’s ideal for a small wedding!

L’AND Vineyards

Also located in Alentejo (and at this point you probably already noticed how we love Alentejo, eh eh!), L’AND Vineyards is a very modern wedding venue surrounded by nature and vineyards. In this hotel, you will find amazing wines, absolutely delicious food, and a very peaceful place for you and your guests to spend a whole weekend. Having a minimal architecture makes it easy to create very different atmospheres for different weddings by the infinite kind of decoration elements, colours, materials, and textures we can use there.

Quinta da Comporta

This luxury hotel takes place in our beloved Comporta, an area on the South of Lisbon, that has a special place in our hearts because of its long and paradisiac beach, our favourite in Portugal. The venue is sustainable and is surrounded by rice fields where you can see magical sunsets over them. Some traditional and original details of the architecture from the rice cultivation that once had happened there were preserved, but it was added a modern touch that we really love!

Sublime Comporta

Also in Comporta, this amazing luxury hotel (one of the best of Portugal, for sure) and its several buildings and villas are literary in the middle of the umbrella pines, cork trees, and wild sand dunes. Here you can expect an unbelievable experience in all the ways, from the service to the delicious food and wine. This year we had the opportunity to stay there for a few days and it was beyond our expectations. It’s a stunning place for a wedding weekend and it's located close to the beach.

Areias do Seixo

Although Portugal has a huge coast and unlike the idea that sometimes our couples have, there are not so many good venues with ocean view here. Nevertheless, Areias do Seixo is for us the most incredible wedding venue with ocean view in Portugal that takes place in Torres Vedras, north of Lisbon. With a modern and rustic style and with a very sustainable feeling, this beauty is located in the middle of the dunes and pine trees and it’s a very authentic and peaceful place.

Casa Arte, Lagos

Taking place in Algarve (the south of Portugal), this super modern venue with white walls and greenery that surrounds it, had to be one of our favorites venues for sure! Besides it’s a super cozy house, with 6 rooms, perfect for a small wedding, his architecture and atmosphere is absolutely gorgeous and it’s very unique compared with all the other venues in Portugal. There are not many venue options in Portugal with this minimal, cool, and modern vibes as Casa Arte, Lagos. That’s why it is so special!

Farmhouse of the Palms

This stunning old farmhouse with 200 years, located in Algarve too, was recovered, and now it’s a very charming bed & breakfast. For now, it has five rooms by soon they will have seven, and although they never accept weddings unless it was elopements, a few weeks ago we know that they already accept very small weddings which exited us as a lot! All its authentic historical details, the garden and the terraces with breathtaking views make everyone fall in love with the place!

We hope you liked our suggestions. These are just some of our favorites but there are many other beautiful venues we love. So, if you are interested in getting married in Portugal, let's talk and discuss all the details for we can suggest more venues that match your taste and ideas!

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