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Weddings in Alentejo, Portugal

March 1, 2019

We only discovered the charm of Alentejo two years ago, when we made our very first styled shoot as MUZA Weddings, in Monforte. Today is one of our favorite places to get married in Portugal. The golden flat lands in the middle of Summer, the miles and miles of Alentejo’s hills, covered with cork trees, century trees, and quiet life in the countryside that conveys a sense of serenity and tranquillity like never before.

It is true that we get lost of time in the Alentejo, and nothing better than to get married surrounded by that peace, serenity and happy feeling. With the growth of rural tourism, there have been opening more and more venues to get married in Alentejo - from large hotels with international recognition, with prizes of architecture and cuisine, that fuse their straight lines into the organic environment, to small B&B’s that exists naturally and authentically in Alentejo’s landscape, inserted in places refugees of the busy life, far from cities and towns, completely isolated inserted in a unique landscape. There is no shortage of reasons to marry in the Alentejo.

1. Proximity to Lisbon
If you want to add more flavour to your wedding tour, why not start it with a welcome dinner or cocktails by the city, meet your closest friends there and see them later on the next day(s) on your wedding day in Alentejo? There are beautiful spaces from an hour away from Lisbon. They can always share a car or split the expense of an uber or cab.

2. Rich and Biological Gastronomy
More and more there’s the need for hotels to provide sustainable and authentic experiences to their guests. As such, from the rich gastronomy of the Alentejo, with some of the best restaurants in Portugal, where the products are fresh and from local and small producers, or even directly from their own organic garden, there are activities that celebrates the value of simplicity: tasting menus, kitchen workshops, grape harvest from picking grapes to the wine press, wine tasting and sausages... During the visit to the Alentejo it is mandatory to taste wines, bread, sausages, sericaia (an egg and milk sweet), cação soup (a fish and bread soup with coriander), gaspacho (tomato soup with bread), açorda (also a traditional dish with bread, codfish for example and watered with broth from the boiling), etc.

3. Warm Temperatures
It is true that the Alentejo presents us with beautiful summer days from spring to autumn, with mild temperatures and also scorching days in the peak of the summer. For that reason, is the perfect destination to get married for long months with little or non-precipitation at all. They also have one of the most beautiful starry skies in the world, with an observatory in Alqueva and tourism aimed at this activity.

4. Surrounded by History
Alentejo maintains much of its authenticity and for that reason, it is possible to visit many localities that maintain their traditions and customs. If you want to get married and absorb as much as you can from their culture and history, you can visit: monuments, marble quarries, castles, dams, secular ruins, traditional Alentejo houses painted in white, gardens and museums. Being one of the most extensive regions of Portugal there plenty of beautiful places to visit.

5. Offers Unique Activities

In spite of all its tranquility there are many activities that can be done in Alentejo, from calm and relaxing option to challenges of extreme sports, such as: Spiritual Retreats, Skydiving, Hot Air Balloon Rides, Mountain Bike, Karting, Moto 4, Fishing, Canoeing, Birdwatching, Star Watching, Horse Riding, etc.

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