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Best Wedding Photographer and Videographers in Portugal

February 9, 2021

After you hire a wedding planner and the venue for your big day, booking the photographer and videographer is the next big step in the wedding planning process.

Portugal is a great wedding destination and has the most incredible photographers and videographers that are super creative and have amazing portfolios, so most of the time we end up working with professionals from here. However, we are always open to the idea of working with different options, as much as they fit our quality standards and are good people to be around, that is something really important! Once in a while, we work with vendors from aboard that are incredibly good as well, but today we will share with your our top recommendations for wedding photo and video, in Portugal.

When the bride and groom think about their wedding day, the idea that comes to their minds is the joy of having all of their beloved ones together in the same celebration, all the emotions they will feel and moments they will live on that day that they will never forget and will live on their memories for rest of their lives. Of course that the location you choose is one of the most important things when you think about an event like this (we always say to our couples that after you have the venue, everything goes much more smoothly and it’s when you start feeling more relaxed), and then you have other matters like food, music, entertainment, decoration, etc. that are super important to make it memorable as well. However, to make these memories remain in time, you must have a very good photographer and videographer to beautifully capture your wedding day. The presence of these professionals at your wedding might be as like they are not even there, they have to know how to do their work most discretely, blending in the crowd, without missing any important moment of the day. Besides that, you must have a good connection with them since the first meeting and feel chemistry with them, which will make everything easier at the engagement session (if you have one!) and during the wedding day. When the big day arrives you feel much more comfortable with their presence, so the photos and video will reflect your true self and the nature of your relationship much more naturally. Besides the first meeting, to choose the photographer and videographer it’s also very important you explore their portfolio, and in the case of the photography, to see some full photo galleries from previous weddings. That will make you have a realistic perception of their work, instead of just look at a selection of the most beautiful work on their website and social media.

For us, working with the best professionals in the wedding market is essential. If we want to be one of the best in Portugal, we have to work with the best, and this way we can be an excellent team operating on the day. That being said, we nurture a very good relationship with two teams that we truly believe in, and they are one of the best (if not the best!), wedding photographers and videographers in Portugal, Hugo Coelho and Fullcut. They capture the weddings so beautifully and with emotion. They are super kind, humble human beings, and very good professionals. Besides that, they work very well as a team, and the dynamic between the photographer and videographer on the wedding day are crucial as they are always together, capturing the same feelings and dancing around the couple and guests all day long. We can tell you that our previous couples agree on our selection, because most of them choose this team for their wedding day and they always love the final result, and they even become friends sometimes! It’s always great working together! We share with you some photos and videos of their work, we hope you like them!

Hugo Coelho Fotografia

Fullcut Weddings

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