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Lisbon Wedding Making-Of

April 3, 2020

Planning a wedding it’s a long process but it’s on the wedding day that we finally see everything coming alive. It’s a full day of work and a rollercoaster of emotions but, in the end, when we get lovely feedback from the bride and groom, we just go back home with our hearts full of love!

Today we share with you a making-of video from one of the last weddings of 2019, in Lisbon. We have to confess that this was one of those hard days for a wedding planner because we had to deal with one of our biggest enemies, rain. Although we are control freaks kind of wedding planners, during all these years we have been learning that there are things that we simply can not control and at the end of the day we simply have to find effective solutions. The weather is the best example of those things there are out of our control. Ananda & Afonso’s wedding, on 16th October 2019, was one of those days. Plan-B’s are something we discuss with the couples on the very early steps of the planning, but of course, we all hope that we will not need them. In this case, the couple was pretty confident during the days before and even on the wedding day that they would not need them, but we actually needed a plan B for the dinner at the last minute. We knew that the weather would be cloudy, but we were not sure if it would rain or not (because the weather is more and more unpredictable) and the couple was pretty confident that everything would go well, they really wanted to have an alfresco dinner! So, basically at the beginning of the afternoon, we set the dinner tables outside and we did all the styling of the tables. Everything was calm at that time. It happens that after the ceremony it started to rain a little but it was enough to wet everything (the tablecloth, the menus, glasses, cutlery… everything!). We had to decide quickly to move everything to a room inside (the plan-B room for the dinner) and in the next minutes, we were running against the time to dry everything. We used heaters and hair driers and we put all of our team focused on solving that as quick as possible. Although we (Bruna & Rita) are the only wedding planners of Muza Weddings, on the wedding day we always have assistants with us to help us with the assemblies, disassemblies, dealing with the vendors and give all the attention to the couple and guests. Those assistants are crucial in critical moments like this, that’s why it is so important to us to have a good team with people we really trust, for we can be ready for any problem that may happen.

Besides all the stress we passed by, the dinner resulted really well in the plan-B room and at the end of the day, everyone was really happy and grateful, both the couple and the guests. Sometimes the things are not how the couples and we dream of and the truth is that we are very picky persons and we do this job from true passion so we felt super impotent and sad because a wedding that we were super excited about ended up to not be like it was supposed to. But we have been learning that at the end of the day the most important thing is that the couple is happy and recognize our hard work. And we are such lucky girls because we always receive lots of love and hugs from the couples and the guests even when we have to pass through tough situations along the day. It’s the best thing we can get! And that's why we absolutely love what we do!! So, if you are curious about our work on the wedding day, check a sneak peek on the video, we hope you enjoy it!

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