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Wedding Planning Backstage

April 17, 2020

Being a wedding planner is more than just planning weddings. Our job is highly emotional and, at times, exhausting. We organize weddings in various parts of Portugal, not limited to Lisbon, and we wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to each couple and wedding we work with. It's a truly personalized service. Nevertheless, despite the challenges, we cherish the wonderful memories we've created over the past few years!

With everything that has been happening in the world, and in our particular case, with weddings being postponed and with us in quarantine for more than 1 month, we miss a lot that crazy days! All the rush from the days before to the wedding day, controlling the timings, dealing with unexpected things that always happen, make sure that everything is in the right place at the right time, and most all of that good vibes, smiles and hugs we get. The most magical thing is bringing to live everything we have been planning for so many months. That's something out of this world and make us being at our homes right now craving for more! We live the weddings days with all the love and dedication we have! We give our couples a very customized service, talking with them several times per week and many times this relationship evolves to a nice friendship, that's why this is something so emotional and not just one more job to us or one more wedding. All of them are important to us. We are there on the day working but we are also vibrating, smiling, crying and dancing with them! And that's why we really love what we do!

We have been a little nostalgic about all of this. 2019 was quite a year! It was for sure our best year until now and 2020 would be even better. That made all of our good memories from last year blowing in our minds! That’s why we decided to review some of the behind the scenes images of last year's weddings and share them with you. To remind us how much we love this and how lucky we are! This makes us feel even more excited about our weddings when everything goes back to normal and all the goals we have for MUZA. Cheers!

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