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Wedding Planning in Portugal

November 4, 2019

The wedding planning market in Portugal is growing and becoming increasingly demanding. We believe that our company can be the perfect choice for modern couples seeking a fresh and elegant approach to their wedding.

We created MUZA two years ago and we can say that this has been the biggest adventure of our lives. We (Rita & Bruna) are both graphic designers, we met while we were studying graphic design in our home town, in the north of Portugal (Aveiro) and to be honest we never thought that one day we would move to Lisbon and having our own business as wedding planners. The truth is we had other professional experiences doing graphic design and in the meanwhile, I, Bruna, had my first contact with the wedding market when I started working in a company that does graphic design and decoration for weddings. As I started loving this area, I decided to quit and create my brand (Cactus Design) where I designed the invitations and all the stationery elements for weddings. I had success with my company but I felt that I would be happier if I could think about every single detail of the weddings (and not just a little part of it) and truly connect with my couples. That was the time I challenged Rita, to create MUZA Weddings. I, Rita, already had had contact with the styling and decoration area, so it was a good match between the two of us! MUZA is a destination weddings company where the couples can find a wedding planner, a graphic designer and also an event designer/stylist who can help them finding the venue and the best vendors, then creating a concept, a mood board, a decoration project, designing the graphic pieces and basically give them the best guidance during all the process and attend to all of their needs until the wedding day.

From the beginning, we always wanted to bring fresh, modern and different ideas to our weddings. We love when our couples give us the liberty to create and suggest what we have in mind, but at the same time, we also love to discuss ideas and feel that this is teamwork. We believe that our background as graphic designers is really important in our job because we can see the world out of the weddings and out of what is expected, we grew up professionally always with this thought in mind: everything starts with a good concept. Our weddings always start with a concept that can be a texture, a color, a picture from fashion or from nature... and we believe that this is one of the ways we found to stand out in a market where there are many other wedding planning companies. It's a matter of thinking like designers.

In addition to this, we love to know people from different parts of the world. In fact this ends up to be one of the most interesting sides of our job! We love to create good connections with our couples and at the end of the day, we love when we can call them friends! It's so good to take a drink with them when they return to Portugal, months after the wedding! Our work is not just about answering emails, dealing with vendors, solving problems, organizing and planning stuff, our work is also about love. Love from what we do, from our couples and at the end of the day all the love we receive from them. This love is always the best incentive we can get and also the best feedback! Now we share with you some photos from this year's weddings. We are such lucky girls!

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